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Culture Buddy!

Make Friends Through Culture

Culture buddy gives new arrivals and established Swedes the opportunity to go on cultural activities together – concert, cinema, museum or the like – at no cost. The project is part of the Studieförbundet Bilda’s work with newly arrived and asylum seekers.

For each event there are 8 cultural companion tickets. It is first come first served so book your tickets as soon as possible.

Book your tickets by sending an email with your wishes to

This is how it works:

Culture buddy groups go free of charge on three cultural activities offered by cultural representatives in Umeå.

The group decides what to go to (of the activities offered within the Cultural Companion) and when it suits you best.

After the cultural activity, the group meets and talks about three short questions about what you have experienced, preferably over coffee. This is called “after-chat in Swedish”.

A cultural buddy group needs to consist of two newly arrived / asylum seekers and two established Swedes. Studieförbundet Bilda puts together groups based on the applications coming in.